Dyno Services

Karl Performance's in-house AWD dynamometers(or dyno) cell is SuperFlow's premier all wheel drive linked chassis dyno. Its large 42" diameter rolls provide unmatched traction and true mechanical roll synchronization is safe on all AWD drive lines. The SF-880E AWD chassis dyno also features an electric push button wheel base adjustment, accommodating wheelbases from 88 to 134 inches. This gives us the ability to run front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles.

In addition to our chassis dyno, Karl Performance is also home to a SuperFlow-Powermark Engine Dynamometer. The capabilities of our engine dyno is endless, with the ability to log fuel flow, BSFC, airflow, each cylinders exhaust temp, each cylinders air-to-fuel ratio, etc. you can truly fine tune any given engine to a T.

Keep in mind that consistency is the key to accurate results, and also that the chassis dyno is not designed to measure flywheel output- you have to determine the amount of engine power consumed by the drivetrain and add that to the drive wheel power figure. While there are generally accepted loss percentages for manual(15-17%) and automatic(20-25%) transmission-equipped drivetrains, they are really only estimates. If you would like to know your true flywheel horsepower, the engine dyno is more suited for you.

The chassis dyno's claim to fame is the ability to measure power at the wheels-- the "real world" performance of a vehicle. It is highly suggested that before you do any performance modifications to do a baseline run on a chassis dyno that way you know where you sit and this also tells you exactly what your performance mods, tune, fuel, etc. did to improve overall performance.

SF-880E Specs:
Roll diameter: 42" (107 cm)
Peak Power: 2,500 HP (1,864 kW)
Peak Absorbed Power: 1,600 HP (1,193 kW)
Track Width: 40" inside - 84" outside (101 cm - 213 cm) *
Dimension: 102" x 47" x 173" (extended) - 158" (retracted)(256 x 119 x 439 - 401 cm)
Wheelbase: 88" - 134" (224 - 340 cm)

Our chassis dyno rate is 3 pulls for $125.00.

Please ensure your car is aligned, no leaks, any vehicles that leak a substantial amount or that require pieces to be removed for hook up may incur additional costs.


In addition to our dyno services, we also offer custom calibration work for select vehicles - click here for more information.


Please call to see how you can benefit from our dyno services!