Karl Performance Machine Shop Services

Custom-built engines for the race track or the streets! Karl Performance machinists build and freshen all makes of engines for racing and street applications. No matter what your needs we will be sure to accomodate!

We offer professional assembly, dyno, cylinder honing, custom port work and much much more!

Rebuild Your Existing Engine!

Not in the market for a new bullet but want to rebuild your exsisting one?

No problem! Karl Performance will rebuild your engine while retaining all the original components.

Engine Dyno

There is no better answer to breaking in your engine, as well as maximizing torque and horsepower than the Karl Performance engine dyno. An engine dyno is the most accurate way of doing parts comparisons (cylinder head vs. cylinder head, for example) or fine-tuning an engine to extract maximum power. Other advantages of our engine dyno include easy access to the engine for swapping parts and tuning, repeatability, and well-controlled testing environment

Here is our engine dyno in action. Also be sure to check out our Facebook page for "Horsepower Thursday" for your chance to win a free shirt!

Give our machine shop a call to see what we can do for you!