Spring I.D. Locators: .060" Thick; .570" I.D.; 1.625" O.D.

The old standard shims will not hold up to the extreme spring pressures and high RPM in today’s race engines. COMP Cams® offers a simple but effective solution to this problem. These Valve Spring Locators provide a thin; hardened steel alloy seat that will not only protect the head and shim; but also locate and hold the spring in place. Previously; this part has been available only in a cup form with the retaining portion being on the outside of the part. This required that the head be machined a great deal to accept this cup so COMP® now offers an I.D. locator with the locating shoulder on the inside; as well as the spring cup.

Spring I.D. Locators: .060" Thick; .570" I.D.; 1.625" O.D.

Brand: Comp Cams

Retail Price: $40.86
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Special Price: $29.99

Part Number: 4774-16