Dyno Services

Iowa's ONLY All Wheel Drive Chassis Dyno!

Our Chassis Dyno is a great tool not only measure your vehicles maximum power output but to also help diagnose problems or areas that can use improvement in your fuel delivery system, tune, and many other areas.  It is also a great way to establish base numbers before adding performance enhancing products to your vehicle to see the true gain from your investment.  With an AWD Dyno we have the ability to run front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, and all wheel drive vehicles.  This SuperFlow machine will handle up to 1500HP and 200MPH. We also have professional tuner on staff to answer questions and maximize the performance of your vehicle, suited to your needs!

Dyno Rate:

3 Pulls for $125

-Includes Vehicle tie down

-Includes Wideband hook up

*Special Vehicles with belly pans and other pieces that need to be removed for hook up may incur additional costs

*Please make sure your vehicle is clean and fully operational before bringing it to the shop.  If your vehicle requires work to make it run or leaves a mess you will be charged accordingly

If you would like to drop your vehicle off we can get you a ride to wherever you need to go whether it be work, home, or somewhere else and can have you picked up when your vehicle is finished by a courtesy shuttle from Karl Chevrolet.

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Please call to see how you can benefit from our dyno services!